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Men's potency - is a set of links, inextricably linked in a chain. The basic concepts that define the male potency, are the "libido" and "erection".
Testosterone is produced in the testes, stimulates the psycho-emotional state (desire) in the brain. The brain tells the blood vessels of the penis to expand, and the blood, acting in its cavernous body, forming an erection.
Lack of testosterone and the continuous stress of modern life reduce the craving and the low permeability of blood vessels (atherosclerosis), inflammation, and create a mechanical barrier to an erection.
Testosterone, psycho-emotional state, vascular permeability and the absence of inflammation - these are four basic healthy level of potency. Violation of any of the links will inevitably lead to a weakening of potency. Violation of several sections leads to partial or complete loss of her.
Modern man is breathing gassy air, eating food with dyes, preservatives and nitrates, smoke, consume alcoholic beverages. His nervous system undermines the constant stress. Is it any wonder that the modern male sexual function fades away much faster than the inherent nature?
In many case, by the age of 45 the production of the testosterone by the body is sharply reduced but
in fact, testicular function is normal to start to decline only after 65 years, but given the conditions of our life, modern men andropause or "male menopause" can occur in 30 years.
How to solve a problem with impotence?
Most drugs act to potency or libido, or the erection. (More on the first and second group of drugs)
And unless one can be without the other? Return man full sex life is possible only complex having established the four inseparable link.
But all is not so hopeless. If you hold a "maintenance" of the reproductive system, it will serve us for many years, and delight us with excellent potency.
Powerful integrated action comes to us from South Korea. This product is called the Power Khan, which translates also as "Mighty Khan." It will establish a comprehensive all 4-level, the underlying high-grade male potency.