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1. What are the active ingredients?

The primary active ingrediënt is the special garlic extract (produced from Kyoungbook Eusung), This extract, in combination with other ingredients, makes Power-Khan an exclusive product, one that cannot be duplicated by other companies. For centuries garlic has been used extensively throughout the world for its preventative and curative properties. Watermelon improves kidney and bladder function by promoting urination and the elimination of waste matter from the body. Ginseng, in the form of 15-year-old Jangnesam (seeds from natural ginseng) has been shown to be of most benefit to your health.

2. What difference is there between Power-Khan and other garlic products?

Other garlic products are produced by baking clay-covered garlic and adding powdered medicinal compounds, starch, lactose and honey. Power-Khan, on the other hand, is produced in special pots with harmful materials being eliminated as a result of the high temperature and pressure. Only the essential, active elements remain without the need for any addition of starch, lactose or honey.

3. What basic principle underlies Power-Khan effectiveness?

Using Power-Kahn result in improved blood circulation, thereby balancing dual cosmic forces and harmonizing the function of internal organs. The heart, lungs, liver and kidneys improve and remain healthy.

4. A prescription such as this was only available to the Emperor in ancient times Its preparation has always been kept a closely guarded secret.

5. How must l take Power-Khan?

Take 1 bottel (10 pills) after dinner every other day with enough water. By helping your prostate you will simultaneously increase your sex drive and improve your erection

6. Will Power-Khan cause dependency?

Power-Kahn will not cause dependency. In fact, having boosted your energy levels you may find that you are then able to take lower doses and benefit just as much as you required initially.

7. What if l stop taking Power-Khan?

We recommend that you continue to take Power-Khan since it is a health food not a medicine, just as you would continue with a healthy diet or vitamin supplements to maintain good health. Rather than stop taking Power-Khan you might try leaving longer intervals between taking the pills. Even after stopping, the beneficial effects will last for up to 2 months – depending on your age, your physical condition, how long you have been taking it, and at what dosage .

8. Can women and children take Power-Khan?

Certainly, but in smaller doses, in order to boost their general health. Women should take 3 pills to promote energy and blood circulation. According to the directions for men.

9. What should l do if l overdose?

This presents no real problem. Just drink a lot more water than usual and by the following day things will have returned to normal. Taking Standard doses regularly rather than infrequent high doses is important.

10. What should l be careful about?

A. Do not take Power-Khan when you are drinking alcohol or are drunk. Alcohol impedes its effectiveness and additionally, may cause high temperatures or headaches. In any event, it is never advisable to drink alcohol during any program of restorative healthcare. B. Taking a hot bath or sauna after taking Power-Khan may give you a headache and hot flushes over your body. C. Do not take Power-Khan on an empty stomach or you may feel sick and feverish. Take it after meals. D. Avoid the temptation to test out Power-Khan`s effectiveness by exercising or having sex much more than you would usually do. Exhaustion could lead to deterioration rather than the desired improvement in your health.

11. How effective is Power-Khan?

Power-Kahn is a highly restorative health product for men. Improvement is guaranteed if you follow the recommendations. As regards erectile improvement: 50-60% of men report marked satisfaction after the first dose, this figure rising to 70-80% after the second dose, and to 90% after a third dose.

12. Do some men fail to experience the amazing Power-Khan effect?

Yes, our company research indicates that between 5 and 10 % of men fail experience these amazing results. However these men will still benefit from increased levels of energy , have more stamina and generally feel more healthy and confident . Power Khan is not a synthetic medicinal compound but a 100% natural powerful health food supplement . The most effective health food supplement on the market today .


13. Are the effects related to a person`s age?

Power-Khan`s amazing effects are most evident for men aged between forty and seventy years old. Men in their twenties and thirties may not notice Power-Khan`s effects to such a marked degree since they should be in their prime, healthy and full of energy. Some may need only to take half doses to see an improvement. Which dose is most effective depends on the individual.

14. Can you tell me more about any side effects?

Side effects, depending on age and general health, arise essentially as a result of the increased blood circulation. These `green light` effects which are experienced an hour after taking and disappear within 2-3 hours, confirm that Power-Khan is working, has stimulated the circulation. These symptoms will reduce or completely disappear after taking Power-Khan for the second or third time. Some will experience no side effects whatsoever.

15. What causes these side effects?

The improved circulation and expansion of the blood vessels, as a result of taking Power-Khan, lead to a general warming of the body. This is most noticeable on the head and the extremities, such as the hands, feet and sexual organs when restrictions on blood flow and energy are temporarily eased.

16. Can you give me a list of possible side effects?

Some or none of the following side effects may be experienced: dizziness, headaches, raised temperature, nausea, fatigue, increased heartbeat, constriction of the throat, blood-shot eyes. Heavy drinkers are more likely to experience headaches, high temperatures and blood-shot eyes; those with liver problems to suffer with their eyes; those with stomach problems from nausea; those with intestinal problems with diarrhea, though the elimination of old waste matter from the intestines is in itself a beneficial outcome.

17. How can l deal with these side effects?

Any side effects will gradually disappear and thereafter will get weaker and weaker each time you take Power-Khan. If side effects are severe you should drink a lot of water and then exercise or have sex. This will cause them to disappear or decrease in severity. If you experience strong side effects you could experiment by reducing the dose to a level that would still allow you to experience the amazing Power-Khan effect. Alternatively, you could stop taking it for a while, then restart on a low dosage, gradually increasing it to the recommended dose.

18. What are the special effects and benefits of Power-Khan?

Unlike drugs such as Viagra and Cialis, Power-Khan won`t give you an erection regardless of your emotional and psychological state. Rather, it promotes your health, and provides a range of effects, particularly for middle-aged and older men. Those who take it regularly will feel lighter, less tired, get drunk less, manage jet-lag more easily, feel extremes of hot and cold less acutely - they will become more healthy and energetic. Many people have reported improvements with lumbago, knee-joints, cystitis, indigestion, constipation, prostatitis, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation as a result of taking Power-Khan.

19 What effect will Power-Khan have on my sex life?

It has been reported that more than 90% of those taking Power-Khan three times (with a 3 day interval ) found considerable benefits in their sexual relationships, improving erectile dysfunction and making them feel as though they were once again in their twenties. Within 2-3 hrs after taking power khan you can experience the effects, effects that will last for up to 3 days . Power-Khan works naturally to help you respond powerfully to natural visual, physical and emotional stimulation. Most men find Power-Khan particularly effective in giving them stronger erections and improving their sexual relationships Those who continue to take it report that they feel increased confidence about their sexual relationship since they can rely on Power-Khan.

20. Isn`t it expensive?

In order to improve their sexual abilities many men choose to buy very expensive oriental medicine containing costly ginseng and young antlers from deer, for anything between £200 and £500. Such products fail to match the amazing effects of Power-Khan, and additionally worth noting Power-Khan improves your general health. Considering the ingredients used in Power-Khan it is very reasonably priced. The main ingrediënt, garlic extract, is from Kyungbook Eusung, and the condensed watermelon and ginseng themselves are quite expensive. As are the ingredients and processing as well.