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The legend of Genghis Khan conquer Korea

By tradition, all of Korean kings were a great harem: one legal wife and many concubines. Moreover, the number of concubines grew with each passing year. It turned out that the older you become the king, the greater grew his harem. It was believed that such a high sexual activity provided the king good health and longevity.

So that he could easily and gladly perform the conjugal duty, Buddhist monks from the famous monastery Pulgusa prepared for him a special drink made from herbs.

According to legend, any man who took a wonderful drink, violent men could enter just the power that poets have sung in verse, comparing with the hurricane. This elixir male strength of Korean kings, according to legend, in the 13th century, decided the fate of Korea!

In 1216 Genghis Khan went to conquer China and Korea. In the court of King Go-Jong met the council of elders. He was clear that the Mongols will destroy the Korean people, as they have done with many other nations.

The elders decided to defeat the Mighty Khan's cunning. They knew that the royal drink of male power to function smoothly, regardless of age and health of men. And Genghis Khan at the time was 61 years old. The elders called the most beautiful concubine of the harem of the King - her name was Sung Lee. They gave her a jar with a wonderful drink and ordered to entice Genghis Khan.

The calculation of the elders was a very tricky. The beautiful Korean woman was supposed to mix in a potion of Genghis Khan and spend the night with him. The Conqueror, not knowing about the drink, was to receive from the date of this unearthly feeling that he had never experienced before. As a result, Genghis Khan had hit the psychological dependence on the beautiful Sung Lee, believing that his feelings are caused by her beauty and charm. A beautiful, in turn, was to convince the Mighty Khan not to kill the Korean people, but only to take with him a tribute.

Everything happened as planned by the elders, love the Power Khan and beautiful Korean women was mutual. As a result, a beauty Sung Lee went to Genghis Khan, and lived with him for 11 years until his death in 1227. But the Korean people all these years he lived quietly, while the Mighty Khan was at war with neighboring China.

For centuries, the elixir of male power was brought to perfection, and the product that we have in the end, called the "Mighty Khan."

This product is named in memory of the love of the Mighty Khan and the beautiful Korean women.